Red Cross Heroes: Renise Bayne

Red Cross Heroes: Renise Bayne

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) - Despite her own personal tragedy, Red Cross volunteer of the year for Oahu Renise Bayne has done so many things. Her husband, Bryant Bayne, was killed in 1995 during a helicopter crash search and rescue mission.

But, from that chaos came a business to help others. Founding Noeau Associates, she has been traveling nationwide for 18 years, sharing her mission and message.

Her vision - to get a noeau action plan into every household world wide. Her focus is on first responders, as well as any company that has high risk occupations. While she does all of that, she also manages to volunteer more than 3,333 hours on call to local disasters. She is also notorious for getting people she knows into the Red Cross as volunteers.

During Hurricane Iselle, Bayne was deployed to the Big Island and also went back for the Puna lava flow. When the lava flow happened, her sister's home was one of homes in the path, so to divert her attention of distress, she asked her sister for a ride to the office where she ended up getting certified.

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