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Residents raise concerns over Waialua auto graveyard

(Image: Carroll Cox) (Image: Carroll Cox)
Jack Reid (Image: Hawaii News Now) Jack Reid (Image: Hawaii News Now)
David Kromer (Image: Hawaii News Now) David Kromer (Image: Hawaii News Now)
Carroll Cox (Image: Hawaii News Now) Carroll Cox (Image: Hawaii News Now)
(Image: Hawaii News Now) (Image: Hawaii News Now)
WAIALUA, OAHU (HawaiiNewsNow) -

From the side of Kaukonahua Road in Waialua, it looks like someone dumped dozens of cars in the middle of a farm. But drone video reveals that it's a massive auto graveyard that some say contains hundreds of vehicles.  

The 17-acre lot is potentially one of the largest alleged illegal dump sites that's being investigated by the city and the state.

"It's beyond bad. It's beyond bad for Hawaii. The EPA should be involved. Everybody should be involved," said Waialua resident Jack Reid.

Added City Council Chair Ernie Martin: "We've known about it for a year, it's been getting progressively worse," he said.

Along with the cars, the drone video shows dozens of mopeds, construction equipment and large drums with unknown content. Last year, the city fined the landowner $1,000 for improperly storing the cars and building materials on agricultural land.

But it's not the landowner that's responsible for the cars. It's the landlord's tenant: David Kromer.  

Kromer declined to talk on camera but told us he was doing nothing wrong. He said he plans to farm on the land and raise horses for his carriages.  

Kromer said he needs the vehicles to train and acclimate the horse to cars so that they ride on Hawaii's roads. He said he doesn't know how many cars he has but said he purchases them at state and private auctions.

Meanwhile, the owners of the property are trying to remove Kromer, from the land but it's a lengthy legal battle.

"The owner of this land, even if they are successful in evicting them will have a serious amount of money to pay," said environmental activist Carroll Cox. "I estimate to do it property, it would cost a hundred to ... $150,000 to haul off all the cars."

Martin said the council is considering legislation that would allow the city to fine both the landowner and his tenant. That way the actual perpetrator is made responsible.

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