Business Report 3/17/16: Garland nomination

Garland Supreme Court Nominee

Everyone seems to agree politics shouldn't enter judicial nominations, yet it does.  So what ARE the politics in the nomination of Merrick Garland?
Howard Dicus takes a look.

It's interesting how little this has to do with Garland, whom Republicans actually like. By refusing to vote on Obama's nominee, even though it's him, this is what happens. The election suddenly becomes, more than before, about who nominates justices. A voter who dislikes Trump or Cruz might vote Republican anyway, hoping for less liberal judges. This strategy is not without risk.  The more they stall, the more they invite similar blocking of conservative judicial appointees later. A complicating factor, actually for both sides, is that Democrats could retake the Senate. They only need four more seats to do it, and a number of races are looking pretty close. I'm thinking it's pretty stressful for both parties, because it's a weird campaign and hard to forecast no matter who you are.