Hawaii House passes $30.7B two-year budget, sends to Senate

Hawaii House passes $30.7B two-year budget, sends to Senate

Associated Press

HONOLULU (AP) - The Hawaii House of Representatives has passed the state's $30.7 billion two-year spending plan, after debating which schools should get construction funding and how much money should go to Hawaiian Home Lands.

Gov. David Ige proposed spending about $2 billion more over the biennium than the Legislature approved last year. The House Wednesday kept the overall spending level about the same but reduced the governor's operating budget request by about $47 million for 2017.

Rep. Gene Ward is voting against the budget, saying the state should be giving more money to the Department of Hawaiian Home Lands.

Ige's proposal to spend $30 million to build an additional classroom facility at overcrowded Campbell High School was cut in half. But House Finance Chairwoman Sylvia Luke says the project can still proceed.

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