Dreams Interpreted: Marrying a faceless bride, childhood memory, different houses

Dreams interpreted - marrying a faceless bride, eating favorite childhood cookies and being in different houses

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) - This week dream interpreter and psychologist Paul Unkrur introduces some new elements. First, Raymond Suda said he has a recurring dream about his wedding. Unfortunately, he cannot see the bride's face. Unkrur said whenever you have a faceless person, you may still be searching for this figure in your life. In this case, it's a bride for Raymond. It can also represent yourself, meaning you don't quite have the confidence you need to find the right person to be your wife. If you are already married, the faceless bride could represent a feeling of distance from your wife. It can even suggest that you feel like you don't know that person anymore.

Jeff Belmoy says he dreamed that he went back to the Philippines where he saw his aunt. She gave him his favorite childhood cookie that he hadn't eaten in years. The flavors were just as he remembered. Unkrur said that perhaps Jeff craved that feeling of security, love and compassion that he had as a child.

Finally, Beverly Fettig has a recurring dream about different houses. After she was divorced, she found a new room at the top of the house that was beautiful with polished wood. Unkrur believes that this room represents a new path in her life that may be better than she could have imagined, except in her dreams, of course.

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