SOTR McKinley: Moms in Hawaii

SOTR - Moms in Hawaii - Solutions for Working Parents During Spring Break

If parents haven't registered their children for spring break programs yet, they may be too late. Here are some of our suggestions on how to split up watching their children.

  • 1. Team up with another parent, spouse or grandparents. For instance, mom takes Monday - Wednesday, Dad/grandparent takes Thursday and Friday.
  • 2. Partner up with another working parent. One parent takes one week off, and another parent takes the second week off.
  • 3. Arrange with employer to work from home: This is great for parents of older kids. This arrangement provides parents to stay at home and work AND feeling assured their children is cared for.

3. If Spring Break sessions are filled, find out if there is room for kids to join program on a day-to-day basis.