Maui airport gets upgrades amid economic shift from sugar

Maui airport gets upgrades amid economic shift from sugar

WAILUKU, Hawaii (AP) - Maui airport is getting upgrades that officials hope will boost tourism as the economy-driving sugar industry phases out of production.

The Maui News reports ( workers are spending the coming months finishing a cell phone lot and breaking ground on a $350 million rental car facility, among other Kahului Airport improvements.

Maui Airports District Manager Marvin Moniz says tourism is all that's left after sugar.

Hawaii's last sugar plantation, Hawaiian Commercial & Sugar Co., will close by 2017.

Officials hope upgrading the state's second-busiest airport will boost the travel industry and accommodate more tourists.

Four paved lanes will replace the airport entrance by the summer in a two-phase project costing a total of about $73.7 million.

Moniz says the Airport Access Road will help with increased traffic.

Information from: The Maui News,

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