Assets School celebrates 60 years with fundraiser

Wine Connoisuers Dream Dinner for Assets School’s Illuminations fundraiser
(Image: Hawaii News Now)
(Image: Hawaii News Now)
(Image: Hawaii News Now)
(Image: Hawaii News Now)

12th Ave Grill's Kevin Hanney and Master Sommeliers Roberto Viernes and Vintage Wine Cellars  Jay Kam donate a Wine Connoisuers Dream Dinner for Assets School's Illuminations fundraiser.

Assets School is celebrating 60 years of individualized learning environment for gifted and/or dyslexic kids!

Dyslexia affects an estimated 15-20% of our population with many dyslexic kids also possessing a gifted/ creative talent.

Kevin Hanney's son Collin is bright, engaging and quick thinking but struggled in traditional schools. Tutoring, rewards, hours of homework did not help. After finally being diagnosed with dyslexia we searched for a place where he would not be left behind or separated from his classmates. At Assets Collin has regained his confidence and can write and read with the best of them!

One of Assets School's goals is to bring specially trained educators and an accepting and encouraging environment to as many kids as possible

Illumination is Assets School's annual benefit devoted to funding tuition assistance for 37% of the student body.

Illuminations is tonight, March 11th from 6-9p at the Hawaii Convention Center.

To donate to Assets School visit their website at