Republican State Senator Sam Slom endorses Ted Cruz

Republican State Senator Sam Slom endorses Ted Cruz

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) - The lone Republican lawmaker in the Hawaii State Senate, Sam Slom formally endorsed GOP presidential candidate Ted Cruz on Sunday.

Slom's endorsement comes just days before Hawaii's own presidential primary on March 8, when Republicans will vote at polling places statewide in a caucus to determine the number of delegates that Cruz, Trump, Kasich, or Rubio will win in Hawaii before the Republican National Convention in July.

"After eight long years of Barack Obama's failed policies, I want someone in the White House who respects the presidency, who respects the American people, and who respects the U.S. Constitution," Slom said. "Ted Cruz will excel on all those points and more.  I urge my fellow Republicans in the Aloha State to join me in supporting consistent conservative Texas senator Ted Cruz to become our party's nominee and become the forty-fifth president of the United States."

Slom originally backed Ben Carson's campaign in Hawaii since early 2015 until Carson's quest for the GOP nomination was suspended.

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