Bill seeks funds to restore Waikiki Beach

Bill seeks funds to restore Waikiki Beach

Associated Press

HONOLULU (AP) - Despite being one of Hawaii's most iconic beaches, many visitors don't know Waikiki Beach is actually an engineered beach that has been filled with imported sand for decades.

Waikiki Beach has been facing erosion problems for years, so Hawaii lawmakers are pushing to restore it. The state says the beach loses between one and two feet of shoreline each year.

The bill originally asked for $1.5 million to make a plan to fill a portion of the beach where erosion has left it almost entirely gone. It would also give money to design a path along the shoreline.

This comes four years after the state spent $2.4 million to pump sand from offshore to replenish Waikiki Beach. Projects to replenish the beach have been happening at Waikiki for 75 years.

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