Flights to Hawaii flatten out

Flights to Hawaii flatten out
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HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) - After years of expanding airlift to Hawaii, the number of seats flying to the islands this month will be almost flat, with a decline in seats to Oahu.

March will see 1,045,728 seats on scheduled flights to Hawaii, fewer than 4,000 more seats than last year, an increase of only 0.4%. International seats will be down 0.1%.

The tabulation, done by state economists using the official published schedules of the airlines, shows small year-to-year increases to the neighbor islands.

Air seats to Hawaii, March 2016:

  • To Oahu: 674,356 (last year: 682,664) down 1.2%.
  • To Maui: 222,898 (last year: 218,014) up 2.2%.
  • To Kona: 84,570 (last year: 79,656) up 6.2%.
  • To Kauai: 60,396 (last year 58,035) up 4.1%.
  • The state counts 3,508 seats to Hilo, 120 more seats than last year.

Traffic from or through LAX will be down, based on capacity of 198,020, down 4.7% from 207,886 last year in the same month, but the roughly 10,000 seat difference is offset from 109,187 seats from or through SFO, up about 10,000 seats, or 10.9%, from 98,453.

Hawaiian Airlines hopes to be busier on its JFK route, adding more than 2,000 seats in March for a total of 8,820, a third more than last year. United service from Newark is flat.

On the international side of the ledger, seats will be down 8.4% from Japan, or roughly 14,000 fewer seats than last year, for a total of 151,170. Offsetting that will be 7,000 more seats from Seoul and 6,000 more seats from Canada.

There are small capacity declines from China, Taiwan and the Philippines this month, partly offset by small increases from Australia.

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