Legendary surfer Clyde Aikau recounts riding massive waves during the Eddie

What "The Eddie" was like for brother Clyde Aikau

He showed up in our studios in shorts, an arm sling and a smile. And we were all thrilled just to be in the presence of big wave surfing legend Clyde Aikau who was there for a live interview with Dan Cooke.

Clyde is the younger brother of Eddie Aikau. Eddie is a well-known waterman who saved hundreds when he was hired as a lifeguard on the north shore of Oahu in 1968. He was famous for surfing big waves and for paddling out to try to find help for the crew of the Hokulea when it capsized in 1978. The Coast Guard saved the crew, but Eddie was never seen again.

Clyde just surfed his last Quiksilver in memory of Eddie Aikau Big Wave Invitational on Thursday. At the age of 66, he paddled through giant 50 foot waves and charged them with surfers who are less than half his age. With every ride, there were huge cheers coming from the thousands on the shoreline who recognized that they were witnessing history.

On Sunrise, Clyde said he believes that he damaged his right rotator cuff on the very first wave he took. We show his wipe out in slow motion and it's no surprise that he was injured. What is surprising is that he fought through it and continued through the rest of the competition.

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