'Aha or Native Hawaiian Convention In Final Day

'Aha or Native Hawaiian Convention In Final Day

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) - We are broadcasting from the Castle Medical Center on this Aloha Friday; and right down the road in Maunawili is the 'Aha or Native Hawaiian Convention in it's final day.

Soverignty is not a new term to Hawaiians, it's been discussed and debated since Queen Lili'uokalani was illegally overthrown in 1893.
Over the years many have spoken about what the Hawaiian people should or would do next or whether the current system sustains their needs.

Recently there have been efforts to have those discussions.  Kana'iolowalu was the registration of Hawaiians who would like to vote and have a say in who would represent them to have those discussions.

Na'i Aupuni is the actual election itself, but protesters got the 9th Circuit Court to put a stop to the process while it looked into the legalities of such a process.

Appeals of that court order could be tied up in the courts for years, so Na'i Aupuni decided to suspend the process and to not release any results of the incomplete election.

Instead Na'i Aupuni decided to have an 'Aha; which is to create a path or table for Hawaiians to gather and have those discussions.  Once that table was provided, their job was done and they would step away to let those who gathered decide on what direction they would go.

Na'i Aupuni's election was supposed to narrow the field down to 40 delegates; but because there was no election held, the invitation went to all of those who stepped forward to be candidates which wound up to be 191 people.

Those that are opposed to the 'Aha are asking questions and raising issues like, "There has never been an election so how can you have this process", or "The course that you are taking and talking about is already pre-determined", or "You are not being all inclusive of everyone in the process."

That is how the process has been played out till this point today, the last day of the 'Aha.

Becky Soon talked with Grace Lee on the progress and thoughts of those that are engaged in the 'Aha process in Maunawili.

Bumpy Kanahele talked with Steve Uyehara on his opposition to the 'Aha and some of the issues that he thinks should be brought up and discussed.

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