Sunrise On The Road: Battle of Nu'uanu

Sunrise On The Road: Battle of Nu'uanu

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) - Since we are broadcasting from Castle Medical Center on Sunrise, we thought we would tell you about the surrounding areas; one of them being the lookout of Nu'uanu Pali that played a big part in the unification of the Hawaiian Islands.

When we're talking about the final battle that would pretty much unite most of the islands together, our journey starts on the south shore between Waialae/Kahala where Kamehameha's forces would land 16,000 strong along with 16 foreigners, some of whom were experts in artillery and warfare.  They would have traditional spears and hand implements After landing they spend several days gathering provisions and scouting.  
Their first engagement with Kalanikupule's army would be on the makai side of Puowaina Crater and alongside Puowaina Heiau; Puowaina is known to most now as Punchbowl Crater.

In the Pauoa area, Kalanikupule's army, retreating from the makai area, get flanked by a division coming over the saddle of Papakolea....the Kalanikupule's army are forced head into Nu'uanu Valley.

Kamehameha learns there is a artillery on the ridgeline, so he orders reserves from Waikiki.  Oahu is no match and loses a chief (Chief Kaiana) that defected from Kamehameha in the middle of the journey from Hawaii island to Oahu and landed on the Windward Side of O'ahu to join King Kalanikupule's army.  He would fight alongside Kalanikupule until he was killed in battle in Nu'uanu Valley.  (Kaiana's wife was a sharpshooter for Kamehameha's army).   King Kalanikupule also gets wounded in the battle and escapes; he would later be captured and killed.

The retreat of the O'ahu army continues to the point where the O'ahu Warriors face either Kamehameha's forces or the 1000 foot cliff's at Nu'uanu Pali.  Some were killed fighting; others decided to jump to their deaths rather than be captured.

The unification of the Hawaiian Islands by force was complete, but anyone from the Island of Kauai will remind you that Kamehameha's army NEVER conquered the Islands of Kauai and Ni'ihau; those islands were put under Kamehameha's rule by an agreement between King Kamehameha and King Kaumuali'i of Kauai.