Movie Review: 45 YEARS

Movie Review: 45 YEARS

The English actress Charlotte Rampling has earned a Best Actress nomination for her performance in 45 YEARS, a new film about an old married couple.

Rampling is terrific in this film, a serious and thought provoking story that's hard to watch because one of its main ideas is that two people can be married for 45 years and still not know some very important things about each other.

In this case, a week before their 45th anniversary party, the wife discovers that her husband  feels more strongly that she ever knew about a former girlfriend who died half a century earlier.

It begins when Tom Courtenay as Goeff gets a letter written in German.

Goeff: Well, I can't remember the verbs as well as the nouns, but I think it says they found her.

Kate: Found who?

Goeff: Her body anyway.

Kate: C'mon who? Goeff?

Goeff: They found Katya.

Kate: Oh.

Goeff: You know who I'm talking about, don't you.

Kate: Well, of course.

It turns out that over 50 years ago, Goeff's pregnant girlfriend fell into a glacier and now her body has been recovered, looking just as it did in 1962.

Goeff has never been completely honest with Kate about that prior relationship.  But now he is close to senility and he tries. He admits that he is  Katya's official next of kin because the traveling couple told people they were married.

Kate: You could have just told me Goeff.

Geoff: I thought I had, but it's hardly the thing you'd tell your beautiful new girlfriend. Is it Kate?

Kate: Suppose not.

Geoff: Are you sure you all right?

Kate: Yes. Really I am. I can hardly be cross about something that happened before we existed…….Still

"Still" is right. Kate and Geoff have had a comfortable, childless marriage, and now she knows that Geoff almost became a father a few years before she even knew him.

Plus, she's alarmed by the fresh pain Geoff is feeling. Has their marriage been so much less than the love he knew years ago?

Geoff: You really believe you haven't been enough for me.

Kate: No, I think I was enough for you. I'm just not sure you did.

Geoff: Oh, Kate. That's terrible.

45 YEARS is a well made, slow paced, extremely well acted film. I got caught up in couple's emotions as I watched it, but now I think this troubling film raises too many unanswered questions.

Terry Hunter, Hawaii News Now.