Zoetic Global inks 100 MW power deal with Ghana for Natural Power Concepts' hydro-technology

Natural Power Concepts ink $200 million deal with Ghana

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) - Natural Power Concepts is innovative Hawaii Company- founded almost a decade ago by local Inventor and artist John Pitre. Natural Power Concepts, Inc. (NPC) is a highly innovative renewable energy technology developer, focused on eliminating the disastrous long-term impact the consumption and combustion of carbon-based fuel is now having on our planet. We achieve this critical goal by developing, patenting, and commercializing an impressive portfolio of game changing technologies designed to capture the world's abundant and under-utilized sustainable natural energy resources. With environmental integrity, we open niche markets where there are now no viable solutions.

NPC has developed several technologies to the commercial stage with private support and R&D contracts with local Hawaii organizations - HCATT and AFRL backing for wind turbines and support from PICHTR and ONR backing or hydro.

NPC had developed three specific, unique, patented technologies, each with quite targeted, different applications.

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