Billy V: Natalie Cole, Taylor Swift, Deadpool, Animal ID

Entertainment: Natalie Cole, Taylor Swift, Deadpool & Animal ID

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) - Natalie Cole's family is not happy with the 58th Grammy Awards' tribute to the late singer-songwriter. 
The awards show paid homage to Cole, who died of congestive heart failure on December 31, with a video clip of the R&B singer performing a virtual duet of Unforgettable with her father, renowned jazz pianist Nat King Cole. 
In contrast David Bowie, B.B. King, Lemmy Kilmister and Glenn Frey were celebrated with honorary musical performances.
During her four decades in music Cold had 21 Grammy nominations and won nine.

Taylor Swift did not cry at the Grammy Awards on Monday night because of Kanye West, despite a made-up report. Swift was caught by one of the Grammy cameras wiping away tears directly after her opening performance of Out of the Woods. The reason the singer was upset is because she missed a note during her song. Of course, Swift still got a great reaction from the audience and very few people even noticed her minor mistake.

Deadpool's $132 million opening would have been impressive under any circumstances, but it was especially noteworthy given the film's R rating. The conventional wisdom has been that PG-13 is the way to go if you want to make lots of money, because an R rating, by its very nature, excludes a sizable chunk of the potential audience. But not only did the R rating not hurt Deadpool, it seemed to actually help. It signaled to moviegoers that this wasn't going to be just another bland, safe comic book adaptation, and they turned out in droves to see what it would be.

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