Expert interprets dreams about castles, dungeons, diamonds

Interpreting dreams with Paul Unkrur - castles, dungeons and diamonds

Our dream expert Paul Unkrur came into the studio to interpret some dreams. The first one is from Corey Dillman who says "I was in a castle. There was a dungeon. There were three witches that went down into the dungeon. They climbed down a ladder. I broke the ladder off from the dungeon wall and when I did my two diamond earrings fell down towards them. They wanted me to put the ladder back along the dungeon and I said 'no'. They yelled at me you're never going to get you diamond earrings back if you don't put it back. I yelled back at them 'do you think I really care about those diamond earrings.'"

Paul believes that Corey has learned to be less materialistic in her life and choose good over evil. This dream is a sign that Corey has learned to prioritize the right things and it's reflected in her choice in this dream.

Up next is Kiran Ready who said, "I have this recurring dream where my nephew, who is 11 years old, drives away in a Hummer all by himself. While I'm freaking out, my sister is completely OK. I feel it's really weird because I have a child myself who I am probably overprotective with so I am not sure what to make of this dream."

Paul believes that this is partially a self-reflection of whether Kiran is being overprotective of her own child. Parents often question their methods and after seeing her sister be more laid back with Kiran's nephew, it's causing her to re-examine her own style as a mother.

Our third dream is from Keone, who said, "I have this recurring dream about being a waiter and going to the kitchen to get something for the customer. I get to the kitchen and something comes out that I can't get back to the customer. Then something else comes up that I can't get back to the customer. It just continues like that where I never get back to the customer."

Paul said that whenever you dream of being a waiter, it's probably because you tend to cater to others. This particular dream could mean that Keone doesn't feel appreciated when he tries to help out and that's why there is a certain sense of helplessness.

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