Shriners Hospital wins grant that helps to begin funding for new EOS Imaging System

Shriners Hospital wins grant that helps to begin funding for new EOS Imaging System

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) - Servco Pacific Inc. (Servco) awarded $250,000 to 10 Hawaii 501(c)(3) organizations in honor of selling its 500,000th Toyota, Lexus and Scion vehicle since becoming a distributor in 1958.

Shriners Hospital will benefit from this donation,as it will be going to a new program that helps kids with orthopedic issues such as scoliosis.

Shriners will be the first in Hawaii to have EOS. The EOS orthopedic imaging machine captures head-to-toe images of patients in a standing position. The major feature of EOS is it's an ultra-low dose of radiation. It can be as low as about 10% of the radiation a child would receive from a normal x-ray. EOS reduces the amount of radiation by as much as 85% from Digital Radiology and 95% less than basic CT scans. This is important because kids with scoliosis are required to have many x-rays over their lifetime to monitor their condition. This equipment also allows for 2D and 3-D reconstructions without any additional imaging and eliminates the use of specialized studies.

The donation from Servco is key, but it's just the beginning. The EOS project will cost about a million dollars. All of the funding will be done through local donations. Nonprofits like Shriners often have very limited budgets, so the generous gift from Servco will dramatically change the fundraising efforts for EOS.

While EOS is primarily used with scoliosis, there are other orthopedic conditions that can be diagnosed and followed with EOS, such as kids with orthopedic issues in their lower extremities and limb deficiencies as well.

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