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January 11, 2016

Think About It: Bill Will

With so many bills going back and forth across the State House and Senate, it’s hard to keep track without a scorecard. Well, actually, there IS a scorecard of sorts located at where you can actually track pending bills, see who’s in charge of what committees, and find out when and where you can go to testify or listen to testimony. And trust me, there really is something for everyone amid the smorgasbord of paperwork which is rapidly being dissected and discussed.

So where does that leave you? Perhaps in the “ainokea” camp, perhaps on the “nothing every changes” team, or perhaps in the “oh, the legislature’s in session” clueless section. Either way, rest assured that what goes on behind closed doors over with open meetings over the next two months will affect your very lives in some way. And while no one is advertising it, your voice needs to be heard if you want to have any say or influence to steer things one way or another.

Having seen the process first hand, I can tell you that, believe it or not, legislators work for you, are interested in hearing from you, and need to respond to you. So, what’ll it be, stay abreast of what’s going down and passively accept, create a stir and possibly make a difference, or argue about who got eliminated on your favorite reality show last week? Think about it…

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