Local Connection: PBS Hawaii

Local Connection: PBS Hawaii

RICK: Aloha. With me is Leslie Wilcox, President and CEO of PBS Hawaii. Aloha, Leslie.

LESLIE: Aloha, Rick, nice to be here!

RICK: I see that PBS Hawaii's future home on Nimitz Highway is going up fast. And looking good!  How close are you to completing the building?

LESLIE: We're excited to be in the homestretch--just a few months away from moving into a modern media facility that encourages collaboration and community. As you know, our mission is education, through the power of storytelling that profoundly touches lives.

RICK:  That's something the people of Hawaii appreciate. It's all about lifelong learning.

LESLIE: Yes, thank you, Rick, and we're very grateful to every one of our fellow Islanders who've gotten us this far.  We're at just over 90% of our fundraising goal of 30 million dollars.

RICK: I want you to know that Hawaii News Now is a staunch supporter of PBS Hawaii and I urge everyone who is watching to CONTRIBUTE. Get Hawaii's public television station across the finish line!

With your $500 contribution, PBS Hawaii will thank you by placing your name...or you can honor your loved one...on the second-floor donor wall.

Or give a thousand dollars, in a tax-deductible donation, and your name will be at the main entrance!  Or you can choose to honor a loved one at the main entrance!

It's a gift that will keep giving for generations.

LESLIE: Thank you, Rick.  You can reserve your spot at pbshawaii.org. We hope that you'll decide what our student news teams believe: HIKI NO!  Can do. Mahalo.

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