Business Report 2/10/16: Results of New Hampshire primary

Business Report: The results of the New Hampshire primary

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) - As recently as December Hillary Clinton still thought she might win New Hampshire. In the end, Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders took 60%.
The two actually tied among Democrats, but New Hampshire allows independents to vote in whichever primary they want, and 40% of New Hampshirites are independents. Among independents, Sanders out-polled Clinton 3-to-1.

On the Republican side, Donald Trump drew 35% of the vote, more than twice as much as anybody else. The surprise second place finisher, with 16%, was John Kasich. After that it was Ted Cruz 12%, Jeb Bush 11%, Marco Rubio under 11%. New Jersey Governor Chris Christie, who may have done more campaigning in New Hampshire than anyone else, got only 6% and has canceled a trip to South Carolina. Ben Carson got only 2%.

South Carolina is next, and the three Southerners, Cruz, Bush and Rubio, all hope to do a lot better there.

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