Local Connection: TMT

Local Connection: TMT

It has been nearly three months since the state Supreme Court halted construction of the Thirty Meter Telescope on Maunakea and then ruled the permit invalid.

The governor says he wants the telescope built. But doesn't seem to have any plan – other than to send it back to the same agency that messed it up in the first place – the board of land and natural resources.

If the legal and regulatory process works as usual…it will give opponents multiple opportunities to drag it back into court. Construction could be delayed for years.

If TMT's investors give up, you can bet that no one will ever again risk trying to put a new installation on either Maunakea or Haleakala.  Without the opportunity to improve the technology on the mountain we could lose the entire astronomy industry in Hawaii.

That would be tragic for a state that desperately needs science and technology jobs.

As we've said before the Governor needs to find a way to get this valuable project going again as soon as possible.  This is a crucial moment for the Governor too. He's capable of the leadership this state needs.

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