This week in history: Feb. 6-12

This week in history: Feb. 6-12
Jiezhao Li (age progression photo at right)
Jiezhao Li (age progression photo at right)
The Ehime Maru underwater
The Ehime Maru underwater
Lt. Ehren Watada
Lt. Ehren Watada
Matthew Higa
Matthew Higa

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) - Take a look back at some of the big headlines in Hawaii on this week in history.


A mistrial is declared in the court-martial of First Lt. Ehren Watada, a Hawaii born officer based at Ft. Lewis in Washington State, who refused to deploy to Iraq with his unit.

"It's my conclusion that the war isn't only morally wrong but it's illegal. Thus, it's my obligation and duty to refuse any orders to participate in this war," said Watada.

He is discharged in 2009.


1973: Watergate investigation underway

Hawaii's senior senator, Daniel K. Inouye, is one of seven U.S. senators named to a committee assigned to investigate Watergate.

Iolani Palace is boarded up after two people break into the historic site. A woman seen on surveillance video kicking in the door is later sentenced to a year in jail.


1968: Diamond Head declared a National Natural Landmark

2001: The Ehime Maru tragedy

Nine of 35 Japanese citizens on the Ehime Maru are killed when the U.S. Navy submarine USS Greeneville strikes the fishing training vessel off Oahu. It sinks within minutes.

Reports revealed the Greenville crew members were negligent and "showing off" when they ascended rapidly, striking the Ehime Maru.

2014: Charli Scott disappears    

Twenty-seven-year-old Charli Scott goes missing. The mother-to-be was five months pregnant when she was last seen driving along Maui's Hana Highway. Steven Capobianco, her ex-boyfriend and father of the unborn child, was the last person to see her before she vanished.

Late last year, Capobianco was convicted for second-degree murder and arson of her car.


2007: Barack Obama announces he's running for President

Hawaii-born Sen. Barack Obama, a graduate of Punahou High School, formally announces he is running for President of the United States.


1988: 4th grader Jiezhao Li vanishes

Twelve-year-old Jiezhao Li is last seen going door-to-door in Nuuanu selling Zippy's chili tickets for a class trip. Thousands of volunteers search for the Royal Elementary School fourth grader, but decades later, there are still no leads in the case.

Li's mother still holds out hope that she will be found and has kept the same phone number, awaiting any news on her daughter.

2009: Tornado!

An extremely rare Hawaii tornado touches down in Kapolei, tearing up plants and tossing one man into a golf cart.

Matthew Higa is found guilty of murder for throwing a toddler off an H-1 freeway overpass two years earlier. Cyrus Belt was just 23 months old.Prosecutors had pointed out that Higa, who was the toddler's neighbor, was a user of crystal methamphetamine. He is later sentenced to a minimum of 200 years in prison.

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