HNN at the Super Bowl: The NFL Experience, Roger Goodell

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell’s annual Super Bowl press conference

San Francisco, Calif. (HawaiiNewsNow) - Aloha from the Bay Area again—Jon and I have been running around trying to get to as much stuff as possible, and this is what we've encountered.


What a day.  Live shots from the Embarcadero allowed us to see an awesome sunrise over the Bay Bridge.   From there it was to roaming the streets and chatting with Broncos and Panthers fans.  I wanted to see how much these "fans since day one" actually knew about the players on their team by mixing real questions about the game with players named after San Francisco landmarks.  Some of the answers were hilarious.

From there it was on to the NFL Experience, a sprawling facility downtown that had everything from the Lombardi Trophy and the first 49 Super Bowl rings on display, to interactive stations where you can put your football skills to the test.  I realized I will never be a field goal kicker.  You could spend an entire afternoon roaming around the NFL Experience and not get bored.


One last stop at the NFL Experience for the morning shows before more serious events, like NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell's annual Super Bowl press conference that serves as a state of the league Q&A.  Of the notable topics discussed:

Pro Bowl: Goodell said he was not happy with the effort level of the players on Sunday and the league has to think about the game differently in the sense that if it's not quality, they have to do something about it.  We weren't given the opportunity to ask about the future of the game in Hawaii.

Relocation: The NFL is still working on helping out San Diego and Oakland to keep the Chargers and Raiders.

International exposure: The Raiders and Texans will play a regular season game in Mexico City on November 21st next season.  It will be the first time the NFL has played in Mexico since 2005, and the first Monday Night Football game played outside of the United States.  As for a potential franchise in the UK, Goodell said the league wants continued progress in fan support there, and then it could be a possibility in the future.

Player safety:  Concussions and player safety have been at the forefront of discussions, and Goodell said the league has made 39 rule changes in 10 years to improve the safety.  Next year players will wear specially designed helmets.  Padding will also be put underneath turf fields to limit impact with the ground.  What I found most interesting was that Goodell says he want to implement a policy that players receiving two personal fouls in a game will be ejected.

On tap for Saturday is the NFL Honors where the 2016 Hall of Fame class will be announced in addition to the yearly awards.

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