Super Bowl 50: 'Superfans' put team knowledge to the test

Super Bowl 50: 'Superfans' put team knowledge to the test

SAN FRANCISCO, CALIFORNIA (HAWAIINEWSNOW) - Historically speaking, Thursday and Friday are the two days when Super Bowl host cities see the biggest influx of fans arriving for the big game. With so many set to arive in the Bay Area, we took to the streets to talk to some Broncos and Panthers fans about the big game and how much they know about the teams... Or, at least how much they claim to know.

One fan, who identified herself as a life-long Broncos fan, said she thought Anthony Ghiradelli's life story was "great."

"What has he brought to the team?" we asked.

"I think a lot of energy," said the fan, not knowing that we had made up the name by looking over at a nearby sign promoting Ghiradelli chocolate.

Another fan, this one a life-long Panthers follower, answered postively when we asked if he thought Mason Fort could nail a game-winning field goal with just two seconds left on the clock. "Mason Fort" is just "Fort Mason" in reverse, which is near where we interviewed the fan.

We wanted to see exactly how far we could go, so as we interviewed a fan near the famous Fisherman's Wharf, we asked whether they thought Broncos player "Demaryius Wharf" was too brash in his celebrations.

"I don't think so," the fan answered. "He's just having fun, pretty much."

We went further; standing near a sign identifying the interview location as Pier 39, we had this exchange.

"That Broncos defense is nasty," we said. "Owen Pier, number 39, has been ridiculous this year."

"Yeah, he has," said the fan.

Though we give all creative credit to Jimmy Kimmel, who frequently asks similar questions on his talkshow in a segment called 'Liewitness News,' we were surprised to find that only one of the eight fans we spoke to called out our bluff.

"They say quarterbacks are only as good as the line blocking in front of them," we asked. "Do you think Frank Lombard has been a underrated player this year?"

We were referring, of course, to the winding Lombard Street.

"I don't know who that is," the fan said with a laugh.

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