Sunrise catches up with Marcus Mariota after first NFL season

Marcus Mariota back home

St. Louis grad Marcus Mariota came back to Hawaii this past week. We tracked him down to talk about life as an NFL quarterback and what he misses about Hawaii.

Look who it is! Marcus Mariota is back in town. I imagine that means you're incredibly busy you wanna catch up with everyone. But you're only here for a short time. What do you do Marcus?

This time around I was part of some of the Pro Bowl events. I got to see family and friends. But again yeah, it's pretty hectic.

I wanna talk a little business. Mike Mularkey has been promoted so he's going to be the head coach. You've got a new GM. Have you had conversations with them at all or any kind kind of communication? Do you like their plans for the future?

Yes, they were incredibly respectful. They came, they called. They said we're excited to get things going. Mr. Robinson, the GM, he was really excited and we're looking forward to getting back to work.

I heard you joke over the weekend about you not being able to eat as many loco mocos as you used to, but on a couple of levels, in the NFL, that's the real deal do they have you on a really strict diet?

No, it's really on you, but it's important 'cause if you want to play for a really long time, your body's your token and you really have to invest in it and make sure that no matter what you're healthy at all times.
Yeah but you're home now. What is the hardest thing to say "no" to? Is it something your mom makes or your aunty makes?
Leonard's malasadas, along with that, Zippy's strawberry milkshakes, is what gets me. But if I'm home for a long period of time, I'll get those things.

For the people of Hawaii, it's not the stats it's not the highlights, it's not the wins although those are great. It's us being able to watch clips of you saying "thank you" 30 times in a game. You treat the refs, your players, your coaches with respect. It's representing us the way we want to be represented. That's important to us. How important is it to you?

It's priority number one. I am a representation of Hawaii and my parents and where I come from, the St. Louis brotherhood. I just always have to keep that in mind and make sure I take that responsibility and make sure I never make the wrong decision.

It's the kind of behavior we'd like to see. Were you surprised it became such a viral thing and everyone made such a big deal about it?
Yeah, I mean 'cause I just want to be myself and that's how I handled every situation.

I think it's funny that people would comment on that, or that video where I was mic'd up for the game. But that part of me will never change and I think that's how I'll always be.

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