State warning residents about 'government impostor' scams

State warning residents about 'government impostor' scams

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) - The state is warning the public about two recent scams in which the criminals pose as government representatives.

One scam targeted people trying to apply online for Section 8 rental housing vouchers.

Applicants found themselves on a website that asked for credit card and other financial information.

The site mentions the Hawaii Public Housing Authority. Officials stressed the site is in no way affiliated with the state, and officials have alerted police.

In the second scam, people reported getting emails that claim to include a "membership certificate" and "official letter" from the state Department of Budget and Finance.

The emails asked the recipient to raise funds in order to allow them to "gain rights to certain benefits."

Officials say if you get a suspicious message, you shouldn't click on any links or respond. When in doubt, contact law enforcement.

To spot government impostor scams, look for messages that are poorly written, are sent from .com addresses, promise you money.

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