Beach erosion threatens Waikiki apartments

Beach erosion threatens Waikiki apartments

WAIKIKI (HawaiiNewsNow) - Constant pounding from the ocean is taking a toll on the seawall protecting the Kainalu apartment coop in Waikiki.

Cracks up to four inches wide and severe erosion beneath the seawall threaten to undermine the eight-story building's foundation.

"It definitely looks dangerous. I really wouldn't want to live here if the houses looked like that personally," said Raquel Badayos of Ewa Beach. "It doesn't look safe at all for anyone living here or anyone who comes to this beach."

The beach in front of the Kainalu is one of the few stretches along Waikiki's exclusive Gold Coast that's facing a major erosion problem.

Erosion wasn't such a big concern when the complex was first built back in 1958. A photo from 1980 shows that the shoreline was several yards away from where it is now. But by 2004, the high water mark had drifted closer to the building.

On high surf days, waves can now be seen crashing onto the concrete seawall

"I wouldn't trust it, the chances of that collapsing wouldn't be worth the damage it would do to the loved ones around you," said Diamond Head resident Omar Ortiz.

But the apartment's association said the complex is safe. And they said they plan to begin rebuilding the structure soon. But it's taking them seven years just to get the all of the proper city, state and federal permits and some residents fear that time is running out.

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