Coin toss names Clinton winner at one Iowa precinct

Coin toss names Clinton winner at one Iowa precinct

(RNN) - Could it all have come down to a coin toss? At  Des Moines Precinct 70,  the Democratic race in the Iowa caucus was called in a heads-or-tails moment.

When the vote was split 61-61 between Sanders and Clinton at the precinct,

The coin landed on tails - so Clinton got the extra delegate.

A video making the rounds on social media shows a group of folks gathered in a school gym in Des Moines, watching as the coin lands on the gym floor, and, a second later, Hillary Clinton declared as the precinct's winner.

The  video was shot by Univision reporter Fernando Peinado, who tweeted the toss.

And it was not just a wacky act of desperation among voters. Organizers deferred to the caucus guide for Democratic precincts, as a photo in a later Peinado tweet shows.

When Clinton was named the winner, some in the crowd cheered loudly.

"It was very, very close, people," a precinct organizer told them.  "It was called by a coin toss."