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January 1, 2016

Think About It: HNL Airport & Food Failure

You may not find much cool air in the sluggish security lines, you might have to walk on non-working automated walkways or escalators, you might not find parking, and you might have to work your way around yellow tape and cones at various places throughout Honolulu International Airport, but at least you can be assured of getting an exceedingly mediocre choice of food options while you wait.

At least that’s the consensus of travelers who rated airport food along with other airport amenities via a mobile app called Airport XP. Over 88,000 food and beverage evaluations over the last half-year ranked Honolulu worst in satisfaction levels of food and drink among 30 large domestic airports. As a matter of fact, I’ve learned that the overall satisfaction rate of HNL International was 36%, vs. a national average score of 70% satisfaction. And HNL ranked at the bottom in 7 of 9 areas with other categories including check-in service, security checkpoint, gate area, retail, parking, terminal facilities, and baggage delivery. And yes, these results do include local folks, leisure, and business travelers’ opinions. Just FYI, the options for chowing down ranked Honolulu worst, right below #2 Reagan National in D.C. and #3 LAX at the bottom of the food barrel.

So while we hear of vast improvements and upgrades optimistically scheduled over the next half-decade at HNL, some of the internal infrastructure obviously needs sprucing up ASAP, and a look at the food offerings, quality of service, and lack therein might also be a quicker fix to consider as people bide their time before heading out of here, often with a bad taste left in their mouths. Think about it

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