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Pro Bowlers and Red Raiders celebrate at NFL Super Bowl Honor Roll ceremony

Pro Bowlers and Red Raiders celebrate at NFL Super Bowl Honor Roll ceremony

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) -

Red Raider royalty reunited Wednesday on North Shore as Kahuku was celebrated as part of the NFL Super Bowl Honor Roll Initiative, which recognizes the alma mater of NFL players and coaches who have appeared on an active Super Bowl rosters.

There were some special guests on hand to take part in the ceremonies. Ten players from this year's Pro Bowl joined in the festivities, even learning Tahitian dances from Kahuku High School students.

""It was, it was fun. It was a good time it's always fun to meet the kids to put a smile on their face you know we got to be involved this time. We got to actually be a part of the ceremony and be part of the event so it was fun." said Seahawks cornerback, Richard Sherman. 

While the Pro Bowlers  temporarily stole the show, once the dancing stopped focus quickly returned to the North Shore's accomplished alumni.

"That's what Kahuku is about, we're about the community we're about the family so to me this golden ball, that's what it represents." said Maake Kemoeatu, after being honored with a golden football to commemorate his Super Bowl Championship with the Ravens.  "Coming today means a lot you know, we we  had dreams fifteen years ago when we were in high school to be playing in the NFL and to bring a part of our dream back, like the golden football and to represent our high school, this is pretty much just thanking them for everything." 

His brother, Chris Kemoeatu was also honored with a golden football at the ceremony for his two Super Bowl Championships with the Steelers.

"To make it to a Super Bowl is a huge accomplishment not just for us but for me my brother my family but for like my brother said the whole town of North Shore" said the younger Kemoeatu.

Aaron Francisco, who could not attend, was also honored at the ceremony. While the event was meant to celebrate the achievements of Kahuku's alumni, it also inspired some the Red Raiders future NFL hopefuls.

"It gives us the mindset and direction that we always dreams about going to the professional level to play football and especially for the alumni to follow in their footsteps and the great things that they did so it kind of puts us in check and where we should be heading to." said Keala Santiago Jr., the reigning high school defensive player of the year and current Kahuku senior.

Kahuku actually made history as well, the event marks the first time in history the entire pro bowl roster has visited a high school.

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