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Waipahu High School students win award in Verizon Innovative App Challenge

Waipahu High School has won the "Best in State" app challenge..  Now they need your help to become the Nations App winner..

Ninety-two student teams were named Best in State winners by a panel of judges assembled by the Technology Student Association, which included educators and industry experts. Each team receives a $5,000 award from the Verizon Foundation for their school, club or organization, and tablets for each student team member. In total, Verizon is awarding $460,000 in prizes and more than 550 tablets, to Best in State winners. In addition, Best in State teams are in the running to earn one of eight Best in Nation awards plus the new App Challenge Fan Favorite award. Prizes for these

national awards include an additional $15,000 for their school or club, the chance to build their concepts into working apps with MIT Media Lab experts and an all-expenses-paid trip to the TSA Conference in Nashville, Tennessee in June 2016.

The Verizon Innovative App Challenge Fan Favorite award was created to give teachers, students and the broader community an opportunity to choose a national winner and show their support for the students’ innovation, passion and entrepreneurial spirit in developing app concepts that address societal issues. Voting opens today and ends January 31, 2016. For the full list of teams eligible for the App Challenge Fan Favorite award, visit http://appchallenge.tsaweb.org/vote. To vote, review the student submissions and text the code found in the entry for the team of your choice to 22333. Voting is free and standard texting rates apply, according to your service plan. 

Mobile App Features:

The app will have three parts that will cater to the need of students and teachers. The first will be a calendar and announcements page which tells the students and teachers what events are going on around the school. Sometimes clubs have events at the school, but the people who want to attend have no idea where and when to go. Working with the calendar will enable the students to find certain locations that they may have never heard before. Even guests will be able to find locations and events around the school. The second part of the app is the news/concern system, which enables the students to voice their opinions about specific issues around the school. It will be like a digital drop box where students drop off their concerns about the school. The concerns will then be read by the administration. Now students will able to create changes in their school. Lastly, students will be connected to every tutor and counselor in the school through direct messaging. Students will be able to ask for help from others whenever they need it. These three parts will be available to all students and teachers through this app.

Uniqueness of mobile app solution:

This app is very useful if used to its full extent. The concept of this app builds upon the concept of the grading website; edline. Compared to edline, where it is mainly used for grading purposes, this app would not only be a singular topic, but diverse in its use. It will be student’s one stop app to access all the tools that student’s need to have a good learning experience. In addition to this, students will be able to maintain almost complete anonymity. Students will login using their student ID Numbers. This way, students will be able maintain anonymity, while the administration will still be able to track students who decide to abuse the app. What makes this app unique is that it is meant to help out all students and teachers, no matter their situation. What happens a lot in school is that the administration often forgets about the verbally impaired or the shy. This app was meant to give voices to those who otherwise would not be able to speak their own voice. Nobody is left unheard. Through this app, everybody has a voice.

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