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Army reprimands captain after soldiers unlawfully mutilate, dismember pig

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KAHUKU, OAHU (HawaiiNewsNow) -

An Army whistle-blower has leaked information about how Hawaii soldiers unlawfully mutilated a pig at the Kahuku Training Area back in June. The investigation has led to the company's captain being reprimanded.

PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals), the largest animal rights organization in the world, demanded answers from U.S. Army Garrison – Hawaii after learning about the incident. The group said a whistle-blower told them they were instructed to kill a pig for a hundred bucks.

The whistle-blower leaked three photos to PETA and said soldiers used a Ka-Bar knife attached to a stick to stab the pig. When it was still alive, one of the soldiers repeatedly hit the pig's head with an e-tool, sliced the pig's throat, and cut apart the pig's body parts that were later sealed in bags and thrown into the wild.

The whistle-blower doesn't want a name or gender released, but claims to have witnessed the brutality.

"Number one it was illegal to do it because there was no hunting permit obtained. But apart from that, the method of which this animal was stabbed repeatedly on the head with an entrenching tool, the pig’s throat was slit, and the body parts were cut up and put in plastic bags. That to me is cruelty and should not be part of any approved Army activity," said Shalin Gala, PETA’s Laboratory Methods Specialist.

The 8th Theater Sustainment Command is in charge of the unit and is handling the issue. Master Sgt. Matthew Davio, spokesman for the Command, confirmed the incident and said it involved soldiers with the 552nd Military Police Company, led by Capt. Jonathan Kuhn.

The Army issued this response saying:

“The United States Army neither tolerates nor condones the unlawful mistreatment of wildlife and we take all such allegations very seriously. We take pride in our stewardship of the environment and working closely with community leaders in protecting our natural resources. This isolated case is not consistent with the Army values, local policy, or U.S. Army standards, and appropriate action was taken against the company commander for this incident."

Davio said Kuhn took full responsibility for what happened and no other soldiers were disciplined. He said the reprimand could put his career in severe jeopardy.

"Stabbing and dismembering a pig is no laughing matter and we're glad to see the Army has reprimanded Capt. Jonathan Kuhn for this cruel and unethical and unlawful behavior," Gala said.

Davio said the 8th Military Police Brigade is looking to add in its range control briefings a section about not harassing or harming the wildlife in light of this incident.

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