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New guidelines set for seizure of items during homeless sweeps

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HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) -

The city and the American Civil Liberties Union of Hawaii Foundation announced today they have signed an Amended Stipulation that sets new guidelines on what can be thrown out during a homeless sweep.

The new regulations come after a lawsuit by ACLU, claiming it was unconstitutional for crews contracted by the city to dispose of certain items seized in sweeps.

Under the Amended Stipulation, the city has agreed to not immediately dispose of certain personal property, including tents, bicycles, clothing, and household goods. 

However, the city can immediately dispose of items such as combustible or hazardous items, weapons, illicit drugs, items that contain urine or feces or that are infested with rodents or insects, and items "that cannot reasonably be construed as anything other than trash."

The City has also agreed that it will improve its impoundment and storage procedures by providing more notice to persons who have left personal belongings on city property before it impounds and stores any personal property, by performing more detailed video recording of its future enforcement actions, and simplifying the process for retrieval of stored property and obtaining a waiver of the storage fee. 

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