Toyota Hawaii brings 2016 Mirai production cars to state

Toyota Hawaii brings 2016 Mirai production cars to state

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) - Toyota Hawaii has brought the first Mirai production vehicles to Oahu. Hawaii is the second state after California to receive the Mirai, Toyota's first hydrogen-powered fuel cell vehicle (FCV). The Mirai launched in October in California.

"FCVs like the Mirai truly represent the future," said Rick Ching, president of Servco Automotive. "The Mirai is the ultimate clean car – it emits nothing but water, and the fuel can be produced locally using renewable energy, decreasing our dependence on foreign oil. Toyota is leading the industry in developing FCVs, and Servco is proud to bring this technology to Hawaii."

The Camry-sized Mirai FCV sedan has a 151-hp electric motor powered by hydrogen that is stored in the car's tanks and mixed with oxygen from the air intake grilles. Air enters the car's fuel stack through the front grilles and combines with hydrogen from the storage tanks to create electricity that powers the car's electric motor and battery.

The Mirai's only emission is water, and it produces just under one cup per mile driven. Its driving range of 312 miles is more than triple the range of many electric vehicles, and is comparable to a gasoline-powered sedan. It refuels in just five minutes, compared to the typical electric vehicle charging time of five hours.

Safety and reliability have been top priorities in designing of the Mirai. Toyota has developed and tested fuel cell technology over 20 years of research and development. Prototypes have undergone millions of miles of road and track evaluation, rigorous in-house safety testing and more than 10,000 miles of extreme climate testing.

The MSRP of the Mirai is $57,500 less any applicable state or federal tax credits. The Mirai will be available for limited sale later this year or early 2017.

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