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HPD reverses decision, will show training video with imprisoned officer to recruits

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) -

The Honolulu Police Department has reversed course and will show a training video featuring imprisoned former officer Vince Morre to recruits, in the wake of a Hawaii News Now story on the issue.

HPD announced Wednesday on its Facebook page that the video, produced by HPD, would be used in training at the police academy.

The video shows an emotional Morre and fellow former officer Nelson Tamakyori talking about how their actions had serious consequences for themselves, their family and their fellow officers.

In a statement on Facebook, HPD said, ""Based on community support and feedback, HPD has decided to incorporate the video into its training curriculum for officers and recruits. The earlier decision not to use the video was based on concerns that some of the ex-officers’ comments were of a highly personal nature. In light of the video being made public, the department plans to use the video for future training."

Morre is now in a federal prison in California, serving 30 months for an attack that was caught on surveillance video at an Ala Moana game room.

He could have gotten five years in prison for violating the civil rights of two men he punched, kicked and threw a stool at in that game room in 2014. But federal Judge Michael Seabright took the training video into consideration.

The video shows both former officers warning recruits about losing their temper and the impact one mistake can have on their careers, their lives and their families.

Morre breaks down during the 15-minute video at several points, including when he talks about what the case has done to his wife, their 2-year old daughter, and his fellow officers.

"I just lost it," Morre tells the HPD captain conducting the interview, referring to the game room attack. "My actions affected so many people, so many good people. It breaks my heart."

Tamayori was convicted for trying to cover up the crime. He saw Morre attack the man and didn't stop it.

In the video, Tamayori said he was "sick to my stomach" while watching the events unfold.

"I couldn't believe what I just saw."

Tamayori also describes life after pleading guilty to the charges. He is on probation but says he has been turned down for most jobs, and has been forced to work four, part-time jobs. The wages from his part-time jobs are lower than what he was earning as an officer.

"I didn't speak up when I was supposed to and now this is what I'm going through. I'm going to be a convicted felon," he tells the captain.

Morre says being away from family for 30 months will be difficult, especially being away from his two-year old girl,"I'm not going to lie, I break down, and she comes to me, gives me a napkin and wipes my eyes, I'm like, damn."

The training video ends with Morre reminding recruits to remember his story to prevent future similar incidents from happening.

Morre's attorney said HPD's initial decision to keep the training video away from recruits was disappointing.

"HPD worked very hard with Vince to make something positive out of this obviously very negative experience," said attorney David Hayakawa, "They put a lot of time and effort into producing this video. It is my hope that they integrate it into their program."

Honolulu police would not tell us why they decided not to use the video.

In the video, Morre's final message to future police officers was to keep his case in mind on the streets.

"Keep it in your head, because I guarantee you this is not the last time this is going to happen," he said. "I don't want anybody to go through this."

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