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Business Report 1/12/16: RevoluSun COO offers 2016 solar outlook for Hawaii homeowners

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) -

The recent Public Utilities Commission ruling caps the grid supply at about 4,500 new systems, which means NOW is the time for those who want solar PV to get in line.  In addition, Hawaiian Electric Company’s new “grid-supply” and “self-supply” programs are more complicated than the recently discontinued Net-Energy Metering program, which was instrumental in developing the robust solar community in Hawaii.

Moving forward, there may be more modifications that include a new NEM rate, based on time of use. Battery storage that integrates seamlessly with the grid and can deliver energy when it is needed is one solution to this problem. Batteries are the missing piece to the puzzle for Hawaii, as we have no problem generating solar energy, but desperately need more avenues to use what we actually generate. For those in saturated grid areas or those who just want to get off the grid, batteries are one answer. Even more, homeowners with or without solar installed will be looking to innovative products that cool their house, heat their water, increase energy efficiency, improve natural lighting, as another avenue to take control of their energy use.

With the changing landscape of solar and energy in Hawaii, this would be the perfect time for a segment to discuss the new policies and regulation changes and how homeowners can still cut their electric bills dramatically, even under Hawaiian Electric’s new “grid supply” and “self supply” programs.

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