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       David O. Russell and Quentin Tarantino are two of Hollywood’s most acclaimed directors.

       Russell has teamed up with Oscar winner Jennifer Lawrence for the third time in a very entertaining comedy-drama called JOY.

       And Tarantino has assembled a group of excellent veteran actors for THE HATEFUL EIGHT, an overly long and talky western that ends with a carnival of bloody cartoon violence. 

        THE HATEFUL EIGHT will no doubt  satisfy Quentin Tarantino fans, and that may be enough to assure its commercial success.

        I like many of his films, but although this one is full of his trademark creative, outrageous and profane dialog spouted by nasty characters who know how to deliver their lines, overall I was disappointed. 

        These people are hateful, after all, fiendishly clever and and clearly murderous, some more than others: bounty hunters, a hangman and other unsavory types trapped in a large cabin by a blizzard. The only female, also a killer (wonderfully played by Jennifer Jason Leigh), is probably psychotic.  

        In JOY, which is based on a true story, Jennifer Lawrence gives a wonderful performance as Joy Mangano, a young divorcee and mother who invents a self wringing mop in the 1990’s and becomes a successful entrepreneur despite all kinds of obstacles both from her dysfunctional family and the greedy business types who take advantage of her at every turn.

       This sprawling, roller coaster ride of a movie is part farce, part melodrama, and part cautionary tale. Critics in general have shown only moderate enthusiasm, but I found JOY to be one of the most entertaining films of 2015. 

       Terry Hunter, Hawaii News Now.


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