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Local Connection: Three Resolutions

Hawaii ended 2015 and began the new year with three huge pieces of unfinished business.  All of which should have been resolved.

The Thirty Meter Telescope has been sent back to square one by the state Supreme Court. It now must go back to the land board for another contested case hearing... Even though the board will hear essentially the same evidence it heard the first time. And then opponents will have another chance to tie it up in the courts.

The governor needs to end his hands-off approach on this issue. He should find a way to reach a Global settlement that satisfies the environmental process and settles the lawsuit.  If not resolved in 2016 this is potentially another black eye for Hawaii's reputation as a place to do business.

The second pending issue is the purchase of Hawaiian Electric by Nextera.  As is the case with the TMT. 

It seems that opponents, including the governor, are trying to kill the deal with lengthy process rather than clear policy.

To resolve this issue, the state must develop a clear and comprehensive energy policy. If Nextera can meet those terms it should be able to infuse badly needed capital into our electrical system.

Finally -- the Honolulu rail project still doesn't have assurance of funding. The city council is intentionally dragging its feet on approving extension of the rail tax.  

Our elected officials should resolve now that 2016 will be the year in which these three important pieces of business are  put back on track.

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