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Among the words to 'banish' in 2016: Problematic, stakeholder and vape

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Every year, a group of grammarians at Lake Superior State University seeks entries from staff and the public on which words should be banished – erased from our vocabulary, never to be uttered again.

The 41st annual list of banished words was issued this week, to the delight of more than a few grammarians.

Which words should we avoid in the new year? Here they are:

So: Especially as the first word in a sentence. As in, “So here are the words to avoid.”

Conversation: Apparently, people don’t want to be invited to engage, start or have a conversation.

Problematic: According to the Urban Dictionary, “A corporate-academic weasel word.”

Stakeholder: Now being used for just about anybody, including customers.

Price point: Says Lake Superior State University, “Another example of using two words when one will do.”

Secret sauce: Bill Evans, of Clinton, Miss., put it this way: “I am tired of it.”

Break the internet: You know you’ve heard it. The Banished List authors said the phrase, “is annoying online word-watchers around the world.”

Walk it back: “A slower back-pedal?” the Banished List’s authors asked.

Presser: A shortened, and less impressive, form of press release and press conference.

Manspreading: Men were not fans of this word, used when a man is taking more space than needed, especially on a bus.

Vape: Since e-cigarettes emit vapor, instead of smoke, vape has gotten lots of use with the rise of e-cigarettes.

Giving me life: The phrase refers to anything that might excite a person, or generate laughter.

Physicality: One word-stickler asked simply, “What does it mean?”

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