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Local Connection: Hawaii Elections

We are coming into another election year in Hawaii .. and while it is too early to predict winners and losers… it is probably safe to say one thing: Unless something changes dramatically - when it's all over in November virtually all major state…federal and city offices will be held by Democrats.

Wait a minute…you might say.  You've heard that one or maybe two prominent Republicans are considering running for Mayor of Honolulu. 

Of course in order to run for Mayor - you campaign as a non-partisan. So even if one of them wins…we still won't technically have a Republican holding the seat.

It's also a sad commentary on the party that its biggest names may feel they need to drop the republican brand in order to be viable.  

But that's is what it's come to.  Republicans can blame local history… or they can blame the unseemly campaign for the G-O-P presidential nomination… or they can blame themselves for internal fights that have spilled into the press.

Another issue are the politicians who may be Republican on the inside...but don't have the courage to admit it…and they run as Democrats.

No matter the why… or the who….or what party you prefer… I've even head Democrats say Hawaii would be better off with a true two-party system.

Let's hope that by election day… local republicans can put more on the table.. and give voters the best choices possible.

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