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Local Connection: Ige One Year

David Ige entered the Governor's office one year ago this month - and he's beginning to show us what kind of governor he is. 

In his second year…we will learn what kind of governor he CAN be.

As a former state senator he seemed to do pretty well with the legislature.  He deserves credit for working out deals to privatize Maui public hospitals, preserve Turtle Bay and establish medical Marijuana dispensaries.  

He says he's put the state on a firm financial footing with prudent budgeting and paying down huge health fund and retirement debts.

On more challenging issues involving multiple opposing parties he has struggled. On homelessness and Maunakea he seemed wishy-washy and ill-prepared.

His public relations gaffe on Syrian refugees got him days of bad press he didn't need.  

In his year-end interview with Keahi Tucker…the governor looked back and expressed no regrets….but it clearly was a learning year for him and his team.

It's time for David Ige to step up into the leadership role expected of the governor of our island state.

We hope to see a bold agenda with specific and realistic plans to end homelessness… restore the university… improve public schools…and develop and explain an energy policy that makes sense for both the environment and consumers.

In the generous spirit of this season let's look forward to a great new year for our governor and our precious and beautiful state.

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