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Cleanup group tackling more 'nature tagging'

Kelly Quin Kelly Quin
Michael Lofton Michael Lofton
KAILUA, OAHU (HawaiiNewsNow) -

Litter and graffiti are problems normally associated with urban areas like downtown Honolulu. But more and more, they're being found in places like the Maunawili Falls Trail. And there's a group that's trying to stay ahead of the problem.

"I go up Olomana at least once a week. I try to pick up the trash that I see and bring it out with me," said Kelly Quin, one of the many volunteers with 808 Cleanups. It's a relatively new group that has been involved in several cleanups, working with other groups and individuals.

"We're very much a supportive network," said Michael Lofton, 808 Cleanups' president. "So if there's already individuals and community members out there who are doing cleanups, or interested in learning how to start, we're here to support them, both organizationally and helping them get supplies for their cleanups, too."

So far, the group has been involved in the usual spots, such as Sandy Beach, where they've tackled the problem of people burning wooden pallets on the beach and leaving nails in the sand. And Tantalus, where they helped in the cleanup of the popular lookout earlier this year. But they're also encountering more trash and graffiti out in nature, on rocks and trees.

"People want to make their mark on things. We see that in the urban environment as well," said Lofton. "It makes less sense in the natural environment because that's supposed to be for everyone. It's supposed to be open and pristine."

808 Cleanups has been tackling that problem, trying to make sure that any graffiti is removed quickly -- and in an environmentally friendly way.

"We actually use a biodegradable lifter and brushes, and we've actually developed good techniques for removing it, so it's usually not a problem to remove it," said Lofton. "And the faster we do, the less likely someone is going to follow with more tags.

It's 808 Cleanups' way of keeping nature, nature.

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