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Expert delves into dreams about clogged drains, ex-girlfriends, highway exits

Our Dream Expert Paul Unkrur is back to interpret your dreams.

Fiona Fong, dreams about sponges & clogged drains

" So I had a dream last night that I was cleaning out my bath tub and I started pulled all these sponges out of the drain. So there were 10 or 15 old sponges. And I just thought to myself why would anyone just leave dirty sponges in here, in the sink. & the tub. And I was pulling out dirty hair. And clumps and clumps of gross things out of my drain."

Jamie - Dreams about empty space & girlfriends

"Essentially I was in this white space where there was no ceilings, no floors, no walls and all around me were all of my ex's. The weird thing about it was I felt they were all looking at me but they were looking more through me more than anything else. I felt sort of empty. The space felt a little empty. Very void.

Jeane Lemon

"My husband told me about a dream he had recently. He's had a similar dream in the past. He's on a highway. It's elevated. There's a cloverleaf and he's going all over the place. And he's looking for one particular place that leads to an exit down below. He can't see the exit. He can't see the parking lot but he knows it's down there. The parking lot is connected to a building he wants to get ot. The highway is just crazy. There's exits and lanes gong all over the place and he's looking really hard for the one exit he needs to get to and he can't find it. When I ask him how he feels about it. He says no in the dram he is really intent on wanting to find that exit and he can't find it."

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