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Kaiser Permanente gives tips on beating the holiday blues

Christmas is a time of joy for most...but it can also be stressful and filled with anxiety.   Kaiser Permanente Clinical Psychologist Michi Wong joins us to talk about how to avoid the triggers that can make the holidays stressful.

Holidays can be stressful:

 Family Stress

  • Focus on gratitude or positive traits of person
  • Don’t expect to resolve long running issues
  • Be mindful of your reaction and make conscious effort “not engage”, not accept gift of anger, or remove yourself from situation

Holiday Pressure

  • Give yourself permission to say no to some things, events, people
  • Give yourself permission to not be perfect (dust bunnies never got the best of anyone)
  • With hectic pace and time crunch – focus on one thing at a time, make a short list and cross things off as you accomplish tasks

Loneliness / Blues

  • Holidays can be anniversary triggers – missing loved ones who have passed
  • OK to allow yourself to be sad for a set time – don’t wallow
  • Don’t expect to be happy just because it is the holiday’s, happy takes work
  • Go to places with people/ put on music to lift your spirits
  • Shift focus to others = volunteer
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