Pono in Paradise: Whole foods detox, holiday massaged kale salad

Whole Foods Detox – Holiday Massaged Kale Salad

Beth Danowsky, Registered Dietitian from IMUA Orthopedics Sports and Health joins us this morning for this edition of Pono in Paradise.

With all of the food many of us are eating this holiday season, it's common for people to be thinking about what they will be doing after the holidays to banish the bloat and "detox" their bodies. Today, Beth is here to tell us more about detoxification and what you can eat to help your body.

Beth recommends a kale salad with oranges, pecans and dried cranberries. It's gluten free and has no dairy which will make it easier to clean out your system. If you would like the recipe for the kale massaged salad and dressing, just go to Beth's blog hbdnutrition.com/recipe/holiday-massaged-kale-salad/. And if you would like to order the new Refresh box, which includes all the meat, produce and recipes you need for a 5 day detox. You can get them in January for yourself or order one for a friend. Details are at hifreshbox.com/refresh/.

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