Kamehameha Schools graduate shot, killed in Washington state

Kamehameha Schools graduate shot and killed in the mainland
Andermann (left), Alex Fergerstrom (right)
Andermann (left), Alex Fergerstrom (right)
Fergerstrom (left), Andermann (middle)
Fergerstrom (left), Andermann (middle)

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) - Hearts are heavy in Honolulu after hearing a young local boy was shot and killed on the mainland.

The Kamehameha Schools graduate died on Sunday and the murky details surrounding his death involve drugs and a violent dispute.

The Spokane County Medical Examiner's Office released his identity on Tuesday. Joshua Andermann, 20, graduated from Kamehameha Schools Kapalama campus in 2013. His friends said Andermann moved to Washington state after high school.

"I was kinda like the weird kid in high school and he wasn't," said childhood best friend Alex Fergerstrom.

"And no matter what I would do, no matter how stupid I would get, he would just be my friend through all of it," he said.

Fergerstrom said Andermann loved to dance, do jiu jitsu, and was very smart.  He said his first memory of Andermann was back in kindergarten.

"We would literally stand on the opposite sides of the bookshelf and stare at each other over the bookshelf and try to run around and be like, 'Oh you're over here, I can't be near you,'" Fergerstrom said.

News broke in Spokane on Sunday that a man was shot dead at an apartment complex.

According to Hawaii News Now's sister station in Spokane, officers said the person who called 911 reported that he had shot an intruder. Court documents obtained by our other sister station showed a father and son lived there and the son's girlfriend told police someone was coming over to buy $1,800 worth of marijuana.

That's when, according to documents, the father heard a ruckus outside. He reportedly told police that when he walked out of his apartment, he saw his son being held down by the suspect with a taser against his son's back and a gun in the other hand. The father then took out his own handgun, according to documents, and fired.

The man who was shot dead is Joshua Andermann.

According to KXLY in Spokane, officers found an airsoft handgun replica near the apartment where the shooting happened.

Regardless of the news, Fergerstrom said Andermann had a big heart and his condolences go out to his family.

"I'm sorry...that's tough. I'm sure I'll see them soon, I'll come visit, I'll find them and I don't know what I have to offer but I'll be there."

According to Hawaii News Now's sister stations in Spokane, no arrests have been made in relation to this case yet. The investigation is ongoing.

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