Online listing for 'Liliuokalani's music cabinet' raises eyebrows

Online listing for 'Liliuokalani's music cabinet' raises eyebrows

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) - If you've been browsing this month, you might have stumbled across this recent listing: $21 million for "Queen Liliuokalani's music cabinet."

What gives?

Iolani Palace, which is working to recover royal furniture and other items from the around the globe, says they're aware of the cabinet.

And -- get this -- the cabinet's owner has been trying to sell it for over a decade.

Megan Ramsey, Iolani Palace collections manager, said that years ago palace officials weren't able to authenticate the piece. That doesn't necessarily mean it's not real, just that they'd need to study it further.

Palace officials also weren't able to come to agreement on purchasing the cabinet.

On ebay, the new listing for the cabinet runs through Christmas Eve.

Its Seattle owner, John Cook (ebay username "wetinwashington"), says the cabinet was designed around the "highs and lows of Liliuokalani's life."

Cook has also shared his ebay listing on social media.

And in the July/August edition of Seattle's Encore Arts Programs magazine, Cook took out an ad in which he put the asking price at $40 million.

Some 49 people are watching the cabinet and it's had seven inquiries. Hawaii News Now has also heard from followers on Facebook wondering whether the cabinet was real.

Ramsey said, for now, the palace is monitoring the sale.

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