Howard Business Report 12/14/15: Climate Control

Climate Control

The Paris climate conference ended with a multi-nation agreement.  But how much of an agreement is it?   The President said he forged an agreement without any help from a do nothing Congress.  Congressional leaders say the agreement is so fragile it's subject to shredding in about a year. Both are right.

With help from the allies and all of whom consider climate change a fact, not a topic for debate, the U.S. nudged the players into a 195-nation accord.

The rich nations agree, without specifics, to help poor nations skip past fossil fuels, especially coal.  Senate Leader Mitch McConnell complains that the accord is nonbinding.  What he fails to point out is that Obama had to keep it nonbinding or else it would have required approval by the Senate, where McConnell would have been against it.  Even China is on board, but President Obama can't take credit for that.  China's on board because smog is choking its people.Those people include its political leaders and powerful business executives.

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